Maribor is second largest city in Slovenia on river Drava known by oldest vinyard

To Maribor with train 1

To Maribor with train

Boštjan suggested trip to Maribor and I agreed. We met at train station and soon we were on our way, 3.8 € return ticket. It took 2 hours and we arrived on time. From...

budapest neo-gothic parliament by night


After work, I took Flixbus to Budapest, 47 €. They were late almost 1h. Stopped at Roza Slon to say hello to Gregor, and bought 2 Changs, 3.4 €. Slow movement on the highway...

trip to Štajerska, Slovenia

4 Styria cities

Old town centers in the 4 largest Styrian cities In Slovenia, Styria is the largest province and occupies 30 percent of the entire country. Historically, this is only part of the Austro-Hungarian province of...