To Maribor with train

Boštjan suggested trip to Maribor and I agreed. We met at train station and soon we were on our way, 3.8 € return ticket. It took 2 hours and we arrived on time.

To Maribor with train 1

From station we walk into old town. Boštjan had problem with one shoe. We passed 2 churches, castle, jewish square on our way to Drava river bank.

To Maribor with train 2

There we walked from Water to Judge tower on Lent with oldest vine – 400 years.

To Maribor with train 3

Then we turned towards stadium Ljudski vrt. Some comments from local guy about rivarly with Ljubljana’s Olimpija.

To Maribor with train 4

Now it was time to climb Kalvaria hill. We took steep shortcut to st Barbara church on the top. We went down by stairs – štenge.

To Maribor with train 5

On return we were hungry and stopped at Baščaršija restaurant, now they have also location in Ljubljana. It was crowded and we were lucky to get table in 5 minutes. I ordered ćevapi with kajmak and Sarajevsko beer. For both it was 28 €.

To Maribor with train 6

Now it was time to return. On our walk to the station Boško took some pastry from bakery. On the train we were a bit tired and relexed until we came to Ljubljana. There I took bus home, 1.3 €.

To Maribor with train 7

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