Pub Maister

On the way to physiotherapy, I stoped for lunch at the Maister pub on Železna Street in Zupančičeva Jama. This is part of the story of the Maister brewery from Kamnik. I arrived around noon and most of the tables were still empty. A few tables are placed in the garden, and the rest inside, which is moderately furnished.

Pub Maister 1
juha – Maister

Our menu includes daily specials, risotto, veggie burger, Carnivoran sausage. I choose the risotto with chicken and curry sauce. Along with lunch, you also get soup (vegetable, self-service), salad (you make it to the end yourself) and a drink (water or lemonade, self-service). Ofcourse they also have the entire range of their beers here, but this is not option during work hours.

Pub Maister 2
rižota – Maister

I ate soup, something warm. I waited a bit for the risotto, the portion is not too big, and there is also grated hard cheese on the side. In between I ate a mixed salad. With soup and salad, the meal is filling. As for the taste, there is no excess. I paid €8 for everything. There are no suprises, but it’s good to try something new for a change. Next time I stop here I’ll grab a beer.

Pub Maister 3

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