Avignon – Andorra – Barcelona 25.9.-10.10.2009

With Gregor and Tedej we had a vacation for 2 weeks. We supposed to start a day earlier but I had a party with colleagues from work at a bowling alley and we postponed it for one day.

Avignon - Andorra - Barcelona 25.9.-10.10.2009 1

First, we drove to Avignon with Honda. From this ride, I remember the beginning of Italy was flat and it ended with multiple tunnels. France had toll payment every 20km. In Avignon, we had an apartment in suburbs. During the day we made a circle visiting Pope’s palace, bridge. In the afternoon we would start drinking a mojito. Ingredients we bought in Leclerc, standing in the wrong line. Gregor received bad information.

Avignon - Andorra - Barcelona 25.9.-10.10.2009 2

Next, it was Andora, we stopped in Perpignan on our way there. We would play cards briškolo we bought in France and Do not get angry man we brought with us. Not much to see there except one old building Casa de la Vall. So we played there games and drunk for few days. On exiting country we stock on cheap cigarettes.

Avignon - Andorra - Barcelona 25.9.-10.10.2009 3

The last stop was Barcelona. Of course, we would visit all the famous places, Park Guell, Sagrada Familia (Gregor went inside, with Tedej we visited Dinos), La Rambla, beach, Gothic quarters. We stayed in a rented apartment in the city center. Driving in the city was chaotic, especially roundabouts. We saw for the first time renting a bike organized on the city level. From food, I remember eating paella.

Avignon - Andorra - Barcelona 25.9.-10.10.2009 4

On the way back, we stopped at Figueres for Dali’s museum. Interesting place. We managed to return from Barcelona in one day. In Italy rained that much we stopped on the highway on SOS until it was over. Gregor was tired and barely reached Slovenia and Tedej took over the wheel again even he already drove most of the time.

Avignon - Andorra - Barcelona 25.9.-10.10.2009 5

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