Arrival to London

I woke up early in the morning, still a little weird after my birthday party. Because I was a little late, my sister helped me pack. I had a quick shower and eat breakfast and I head out. Sister drove me to Koseze. After a short search, we find Sasha and his mother. On the way there, we stopped at the gas station where I bought cigarettes (34 €). From there we head to Brnik airport with Natasha and Sasha. While we waited for the flight we had a drink at the bar (8.5 €). At the kiosk, I buy a lighter and water € 1 each. Flying with Easyjet took about 2h. The flight was quite comfortable because we were person 2 in 3 seats. We landed in London at Stansted Airport, where father took over Sasha. I withdraw £ 200 (€ 260) at an ATM and purchase a £ 17 return bus ticket to London. The bus took me to Victoria station, where I eat 3x cheeseburger at McDonald’s for £ 3. I get an Oyster card with £ 20 of credit. I took the bus to Brixton station. A little hiking and searching until I find the home of Petra and Boštjan. The whole door-to-door odyssey lasted 8 hours. After unpacking, we sat down and drank a beer, ate pizza, and made one lap around the neighborhood. On the tour, I saw a prison, a windmill and shops and buses I would use. On the way back, I laid down at the TV, we watched Rocky 4.

Arrival to London 1

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