48 hours in Croatia

Because of COVID-19 from Slovenia, one can leave the country for 2 days without quarantine on return if there is a reason like property outside borders. While my family owns an apartment in Croatia and I took some vacation it was time to travel.

First I had to prepare some papers, property ownership, form declaring the reason for leaving the county, … We didn’t wake up early, after breakfast and packing we left for Barbariga, Croatia. After Twingo managed to climb to Postojna, the sun was shining. The road was not empty, mostly trucks. In Koper, I stopped to fuel. On the border, it was just one car. Police on the Slovenian side asked for papers before mentioned. On highway Istrian Y we saw maybe 100 cars in 100 km, mostly local some Slovenian, one Italian, Swiss and Serbian. Stopped twice, once for a cigarette, and once for a call from a lawyer. On arrival, I left my mother and baggage in Barbariga that was far from being empty.

48 hours in Croatia 1

I continued to Pula. In the city, I parked under Arena. Walked through the old part of town that was empty. People on the streets didn’t wear masks except for a few elderly people. First to a lawyer to leave some papers.

48 hours in Croatia 2

Then to the bank to pay bills. There were full measures, double doors, picking queue number, mask on, security. But the commission for one bill was 10 HRK so I moved to Fina, just 3,5 HRK.

48 hours in Croatia 3

On entry, I sanitized hands and checked the temperature. In the shop, I bought eggs and butter for tomorrow’s dinner, 35 HRK. All chores were done so I went for a beer in the sun. Probably last in the bar for some time.

48 hours in Croatia 4

Bars were full of high school kids. I answered a few emails for the job. On return, I climbed a hill with a castle for a view. It was sunny but with the wind, it was not perfect.

48 hours in Croatia 5

Parking was 8 HRK. In Barbariga I ate burek for lunch and laid down in front of the TV. For dinner was a sandwich and tea. In the evening got cold so we turned on the heating. Now it was time for game Juve vs Barca

The next morning I woke up early, didn’t sleep well. After breakfast went back to bad for two more hours. Later I watched a few episodes of Parks and recreation.

48 hours in Croatia 6

After lunch, I went to the garden, trimmed plants there, and collected leaves. The weather was warm and sunny. A neighbor gave us a full basket of khaki fruits.

48 hours in Croatia 7

The mother collected lavender and dry flowers. In the evening we had a walk around the settlement and to the sea in the moonlight. Ate eggs for dinner. It was TV time again.

48 hours in Croatia 8

Woke up early and packed. On way back home all the same but in reverse order. On the border, they didn’t check papers. Again just one car in front of us. But on another side, it was more than 20 cars waiting. Around the Postojna forest was great in fall colors and soon we were home. This trip was necessary because of the lawyer, bills, and water. But I enjoyed it because it looks like lockdown is here and no movement for some time.

48 hours in Croatia 9

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