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NYC #1

manhatten, nyc, usa

We went to bed around 1 AM, woke up 6h/7h later (daylight saving), packed and it was 1h ride back to Philadelphia. Nice countryside, Amish buggies, talk with Glendon about life in general.


And yet another 2h Greyhound (15$) bus ride to Philadelphia. The bus was half an hour late to Port Authority station. I went shopping for water and some food (12$). So now I had 2 days for NYC. Bought New York Pass for 2 days (179$), it paid off while I would approx. spend the same amount for individual tickets, but would have to stand in lines.


So the first day I went to the Empire State Building for an iconic view. From there I walked over Greenwich Village, Soho, Lower Manhattan, Wall st. to Battery Park, had a hot dog on my way (3$). Next was a boat ride to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island.

lady Liberty

Afterward, I had an average lager at the Beer garden (5$). From there I went to Brooklyn and the bridge of course. Moved to the hostel in Queens (Q4 – 35 €), took a shower. A bit around Queens, metro line to Astoria, line in opposite direction was closed, rat on tracks. I tried chicken and a baked potato for dinner at Chicken Shack in Astoria (15$).

chicken dinner

Back to Manhattan, Rockefeller center with night view and from there to Times Square, where I bought a cap at Levi’s shop (24$). It was time for a pint of lager at Dallas BBQ (25$). Back to Queens, from metro had to walk 15 minutes but on the way saw a bar where someone was vomiting outside. So I went to First Stop Bar & Grill for ‘few’ tequilas (105$). Had a bit longer walk to the hostel, eat on the way (6$).

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