Visiting coast, May 2022

A trip to the coast was the only logical choice after yesterday’s bad day. In the morning I talked to Andreja and we decided not to rush to popular places but to stop in less visited areas. A little past noon she picked me up and we headed out to sea. The sun showed the first rays around Postojna through the clouds.

Visiting coast, May 2022 1
Socerb, Muggia, Debeli rtič, seashells graveyard, Izola, Seča

We left the motorway at the Kastelec exit and after a little winding along the local roads, we stopped at Socerb Castle. From there you have an excellent view of the Slovenian coast. In the castle we stop for a drink, she orders macchiato and I order a small beer, as well as something stronger for courage (9 €). When the wind was not blowing in the garden, it was ideal. Man, that served us was busy but nice.

Visiting coast, May 2022 2
View from Socerb

Now we headed across the border. We checked, and you need a green pass and no more form but there was no control at the border. We descend to the coast and to Muggio (Milje). We are looking for a parking lot (we made two circles) and went for a walk around the city (churches, narrow streets, boats in the port, a castle from afar, a flea market …). When we had enough, we sat down in a bar on the main square opposite the cathedral, Bikers café Wolly & Marry. We ordered cold cuts and a glass of white wine (15 € with tip).

Visiting coast, May 2022 3
Muggia – Milje

We moved on slowly. A short stop at Debeli rtič, where Andreja reminisces (phone and stairs).

Visiting coast, May 2022 4
Debeli rtič

A drive couple of kilometers further and we were already at the Shell Cemetery – Shellfish dunes (formed when they deepened the bottom for the harbor). We turned to the gas station in Koper. Not only the car, but we also needed fluids because of the sun, and we each drink half a liter of juice / water.

Visiting coast, May 2022 5
Shellfish dunes

In Izola, we parked by the coast and went for ice cream (5 €). We retreated into the shade of the park, which helps against the sun, not against getting both dirty. There is no suitable place next to the lighthouse in the bar and we headed back through the shady streets. Surprisingly, there is no need to pay for parking.

Visiting coast, May 2022 6
Lighthouse – Izola

The last place was Seča. There we sat in the Beach bar with Aperol Spritz. While we are waiting for the sunset, a huge amount of pollen was disturbing. We moved to the neighboring Ribič restaurant to have a snack. Since we were not too hungry, we ordered together one portion of squid with french fries and tartar. Next to it was a house white wine and water. The portion is quite plentiful (38 € with a tip). Now there was still a way back, which Andreja quickly completes. Really nice and atypical visit to the coast. I would like more such trips.

Visiting coast, May 2022 7
Aperol in Beach bar

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