I woke up early and moved to a fish market, Tsukiji.

Tokyo 1

At 7am it was late for tuna selling but early enough to find a sushi place. I paid 8630 JPY for omakase with soup and sake.

Tokyo 2

Now I moved to Sumo stable Arashio-beya to see fighters practice. This one was free but crowded in front of the window. Met some Serbians there.

In between it was enough time to visit two temples, before moving by bus to Henn na Hotel Tokyo, 118 €. They had robots at reception, and I thought it would be more interesting.

Tokyo 3

I visited Akihabara negbouhood. At the Senso-ji shrine, there was a huge crowd.

Tokyo 4

Of course, the Shibuya crossing was a must, interesting view.

Close by was the Hatchiko statue, also crowded.

Tokyo 5

I needed some green space so I went to Meiji Jingu, a park with a shrine. I laid down in the shade for a bit. Later had a cigarette and talked with Nepalese.

Tokyo 6

I went to the next park, Shinjuku Garden, it was free because holidays? Beautiful but crowded.

Tokyo 7

Back at the hotel, check-in, shower, resting, juice 160 JPY.

Later in the evening I went out again, 2x train to Omoide Yokocho, Kabukicho, and Pissed Street.

Tokyo 8

There I found a club, the entrance was 2000 JPY, small beer was 900 JPY. There I met interesting people, from Egypt, RSA, and Japan. I stayed there until early in the morning.

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