Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy

Week in Italy 2021

Italy is a beautiful destination. While in the year 2021 I had still many off days I decided to spend a week there. Ryanair had a cheap flight from Zagreb to Rome (13 €)....

guys in Milano

Italy-Last day in Vicenza

For the last day, we woke up early, packed, had some nice cake for breakfast. We moved to Milano by train, 6 €. There we searched for a train toy, no luck. So we...

Vicenza 30.12.2011-1.1.2012

Vicenza 30.12.2011-1.1.2012

Antonio was now living in Vicenza and invited us to visit him. So we decided to spend New Year’s Eve together. On Friday Gregor, Barbara and I drove towards Vicenza. We arrived there in...