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Kuwait flag zastava

Kuwait flag zastava

Kuwait is country in Middle East, Asia



sunset in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Middle East for 1 month

My trip to Middle East was completly unplanned. I got good offer and I changed job. So now I had to spend 1 month of vacation days in short period of time (2 months)....

port, Kuwait

Kuwait to Dubai

I woke up at 8 am, had some tuna for breakfast, fall asleep again while watching TV. After shower I checked out at 11 am. I went out into glomy weather, walked north to...

rain, Kuwait

Abu Dhabi to Kuwait

It was early waking up after little sleep, packing and checking out this morning. With bus to Yas island, F1 circut was accesible just with tickets. So I went to biggest mall in city,...