Kranjska Gora is turist place in Upper Carniola, Slovenia

Jasna resort dinner in Alpine igloo

Jasna Resort Dinner in Alpine Igloo

Sister was staying in Kranjska Gora for a week and on the last day, our mother had a birthday on the 8th of March. So she made reservations at Jasna Resort, a dinner in...

Kranjska Gora in 2024 1

Kranjska Gora in 2024

Sister with her family.took appartment at Kranjska Gora for a week long vacation. I joined them for a.weenend. They picked me.from work with slight delay. There was a bit of traffic jam in the...


Milka restaurant-chef David Žefran

Simon collected us all before driving towards Kranjska Gora. There were some constracton works on highway, driving on left line and making u-turn on highway. We arrived early so we had time for one...

jezero Jasna

Gorenjska – Upper Carniola visit

I was at Gorenjska, visiting three locations in the Triglav National Park. I took a look at the gorge and the waterfall and refresh myself in the lake before regaining strength at the inn....

Restaurant Srnjak

Restaurant Srnjak

After a tiering night, we talked with Danijela and decided to go on a trip to Gorenjska. We drove to Kranjska Gora and there the decision is made to cool off by Lake Jasna....