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nile, egypt

Egypt 2007

Strange situation, I quit my old job and went on 4 weeks holiday to Mexico, to use my vacation that is left from the previous year. But on the day I return back from...

snorkeling, Egypt


On arrival at the hotel, we went to the pool. There was a guard that warn us about bad chemicals. Again we met with some people on the balcony. Again we went to bed...

giza, egypt


We arrived in the morning to Cairo with a night bus. From the station, we moved to pyramids in Giza by taxi at 7 AM. We paid just 5 EGP, but he took as...

after party in hotel, egypt


We finished with the party at 6AM. I went to bed and woke up around noon. Some people were playing ping pong, David was doing aerobics. I was hiding from the sun rest of...

karnak luxor, egypt


At noon we went to the bus station. It was around 3 hour ride. Around 16:00 we took a taxi to Karnak temple. An hour later we moved to Luxor temple with a horse...

domino, egypt


Around noon we met in lobby Boško, Adrian, Jure, and Andrej. We walked from the hotel to the main road. There we hitchhiked and pickup stopped around13:00. We went to Safaga to check options...

kiters spot, egypt


I was tired from my previous trip and the previous day so I was resting in the morning. In the afternoon we walked to kiter’s spot and stayed there a few hours. After dinner...

hotel abu soma, egypt


A bit after 2:00 AM we arrived at the airport. We had enough time at the airport. After a few hours, we made check-in, boarded the plane, and flew towards Egypt at 6:00. Flight...