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new year celebration in Tirana

Balkan 20.12.2008-4.1.2009

The decision was made to make a circle around the Balkans with Boško during the New Year’s holidays (Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo) Money Each country has its own currency: Dinar...

old town in Skopje, Macedonia


In the morning we took a bus to Skopje. Upon arrival, we walked to the Art Hostel (12 Eur). In the evening we went for a walk with the Dutchman Stan around the old...

Lion bridge in Sofia, Bulgaria


We found a hostel on the outskirts of the center and head to the city. In the evening we wentto the cinema to see Body of Lies, Boško dozed off. After the cinema, we...

cold train to Sofia, Bulgaria


This day is entirely dedicated to the move to Sofia. In the morning we take a minibus to Bucharest (8 hours drive, € 15). In the evening we arrived in Bucharest, we left with...

niš, serbia

Bulgaria 2006

We had a holiday in May so we decided to visit Medo in Sofia. All of us packed in Igor’s VW Golf. We arrived at Sofia after some 10 hours later (2.000 kilometers both...