Slovenia vs Brazilia, Stožice

Friendly basketball game Slovenia vs Brazilia was preparation for Olimpic games qualifing tournament. I bought ticket last day, 65 €. I think they charged to much. Probably because Dončić was expected to play?

Stožice Slovenia vs Brazilia
Stožice Slovenia vs Brazilia

I arrived to Arena Stožice just before the game (time for national anthem, 8000 voices singing). I parked in garage under Arena. Slovenian team played first quarter really bad. They scored just 12 point, missed open shots. In second quarter they played better, Dončić made a change and other start scoring 3 pointer. Third quater was mixed. They head lead 12 point and ended with one point. But they gotfocused and ended with vicotry 86:80

I wasn’t happy with what I saw. I understand they were just getting together, got new naturalized center Nebo, but this kind of game wont get them to Olimpic tournament. Team is relaing heavily on Dončić (32 points) and he can get them far but I don’t think this is enough. And price of tickets was rediciouls, KZS you should rethink your strategy.

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