I was woke up by cleaning guy at airport. I turned around and all things were missing (bag, jacket, money, phone). I just had my passport on me. First I run around airport in panic trying to find my staff, but no luck. I moved to information desk and reported missing baggage. There I waited for police to write a report. Again I made a search around whole airport that is very big. On return there were no news about my belongings.

Singapore-Changi 1

I tried contacting my sister because now it was already morning in Europe. That took quite some energy. First I borrowed tablet from information desk but couldn’t log into my mail without phone. Next I tried registering new mail, same thing. I borrowed phone from one lady there, wrote to sister on social media, but that went to spam. Finally I got respond from my best friend’s wife. She contacted my sister. I explained situation and asked her to send me money via Western Union. I got some water and cookies at information desk. While I was waiting I walked around again without any luck. Back at information counter there was no info from sister, because lady went home with phone. At smoking area I got cigaretes from canadian guy that was on his way to Ukraine to fight there as a soldier.

Singapore-Changi 2

Finally I got in contact with my sister, got pin number and was ready to go pick my money. But that was not easy task. First because I missed my flight I just coudn’t walk out of airport. Walked to Scoot counter but it was closed. After half hour asked around and someone from another counter started calling around. 15 minutes later came lady, some explaining, we filled some form and she accompanied my to exit, again explaining and another form. On other side of gates again to information desk. I needed some kind of transport to Western Union and had no money. Also I had 45 minutes before last office would close. This lady that was whole time with me, Lavania, paid my transport (Grab, 21 SGD) and gave me some cash 5 SGD for food. I got tear in my eyes by kindnes of this lady. I arrived to Western Union 5 minutes before they closed. If I missed them I would sleep on bench probably.

Singapore-Changi 3

Sister sent me 2000 €, but I got SGD with their exchange rate minus comission. I went first for diner (thali), Indian restaurant, 35 SGD. Then I bought phone (Samsung A05) with SIM and charger, paid 200 SGD. Found shop with clothes, but nothing in my size was there. I was on my way back to airport. Cheapest was metro, but I walked a lot to find place that sells card and then back. It was after midnight and metro stopped before airport. Shared taxi with a couple. I tried to buy ticket to Taipei, but at airport ticket was 400 € instead of 200 € online. I sat a bit to relax.

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