Again late morning. I went out and bought deodorant for 11k KRW and a transport card for 4k KRW. The Metro ticket was 1.4k KRW. Arrived at a bigger shop, bought some of the cheapest clothes, 30k KRW. I had to show my passport so I could get my tax back on exiting the country. I saw a garden and an exhibition around this mall.

Seoul 1

I went to the main train station and bought a ticket for the next day’s ride to Busan for 59k KRW. Also ate fishcake (served with a cup of soup) and gimbap (Korean version of sushi) for 7k KRW. Strong fish taste.

Seoul 2

By bus, I drove to the traditional Bukchon Hanok Village. I had to walk uphill. There you can see nice traditional houses, but the place was full of tourists in rented traditional clothes.

Seoul 3

From there I moved to Changdeokgung Palace which was closed, but I could enter the walls on the northeast side with a museum. From there I walked towards the hostel. I stopped at the temple.

Seoul 4

For dinner, I took a fish hot pot for 25k KRW. Before turning in I had a beer (5k KRW) while watching baseball. Again washing things before bed, I didn’t have good sleep.

Seoul 5

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