Panama City

We were up at 10 am and went for breakfast (omelet) at Casa Sucre coffeehouse that was included with the room.

Panama City 1

We searched for an ATM. When we found one it was not working with our cards. At the shop, we bought some water and Six Pack 4.42 $. After the shower, it was time for late checkout. With a taxi, we went to Albrook bus station, 6 $. We tried to leave big packs at the hotel in the mall, but without luck. So we had to leave them at the bus station, 5 $ per bag. So we walked around the mall. Local guy joined us – Tony. With the bus we went to Miraflores – you need a card with credit, 0.35 $ per person.

The ticket for canal locks at Miraflores was 15 $. Tony tried to arrange it for free. For me, the whole experience of the canal was nothing special. I see greatness in the canal itself, but Miraflores is too crowded. Went nearby and saw some crocodiles.

Panama City 2

With uber 3 $ to restaurant 77$ tip included.

miraflores lunch
miraflores lunch

Fish was deep-fried, calamari also; few beers.

Panama City 3

Uber back 4 $ to Albrook station. While waiting spent on toilet 0.25 $, water and chips 5 $. The night bus to Boca del Toro (Almirante) was at 19:30 for 10 hours. We paid 102 $ for 3 people with boat transfer included. We had to show a passport. To board the bus, you need to pass the gate, where you need again the same card as for the bus. It was a problem for us, tourists. So one tourist bought it for all. On the bus, leg space was a problem. I had to argue with a girl in front. We stopped once for half an hour to eat. After that, I fell asleep.

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