Pak Beng

We woke up at 5 AM. It was raining. We waited for the van to take us to the border. We exited Thailand and then with a 2-row ride to Lao border. There we acquired a visa (30$). Third ride to the shop.

Pak Beng 1

I ate a sandwich with bread (Lao was a french colony, 30k LAK).

Pak Beng 2

Changed $ for the shitty exchange rate (10$ for 70k LAK). Finally, they took us to the pier with boats.

Pak Beng 3

It was crowded, we got the last seats in front. After some time we went to back where we met Adnan, Jazz and Bianca, and some others. The boat was a nice slow ride with a great view. Beer was 20k LAK.

Pak Beng 4

In the evening we docked at, Pak Beng. We went to the Meksavanh guesthouse (14€ room), a nice room with a bathroom. We had chat with some french guys (ž). Next, it was time for dinner (55k LAK person). Jazz and Bianca joined us. We could put our music so Jazz and I chose Nick Cave and some old punk while girls were into Latin rhythms. We went for a beer (200k LAK) to Hive (one of two bars there). We played some pool (10k LAK), some dutch were there. Again, it was late when I arrived in the room.

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