At 8 am I got traditional japanese breakfast, interesting experience (steamed rice-gohan, miso soup-shiru, grilled salted salmon-shiozake, tofu-freshly prepared, sea weed-nori, green tea, pouched egg, vegetable-gomaae, pickled vegetables-tsukemono, soya sauce). Back in room I made myself tea and enjoyed the view.

Nagano-Tokyo 1

It was time to move to Nagano by train, 850 JPY.

Nagano-Tokyo 2

In the city, there was a festival with many groups performing the lion dance.

Also, many flowers were on display.

Nagano-Tokyo 3

On my way to Zenkoji temple there was a big crowd, they had holidays in Japan.

Nagano-Tokyo 4

I had tea ice cream and some sweets on a bamboo stick (Mitarashi Dango – rice dumplings in sweet soy glaze), 400 JPY.

Nagano-Tokyo 5

The last fast train to Tokyo was 8740 JPY. Some views and trying to get some sleep. From the main station, I walked to the imperial palace, and just saw the outer garden.

Nagano-Tokyo 6

From there I moved to Capsule Hotel Block Room (29€) with two metros for 180 JPY.

Nagano-Tokyo 7

Went out for dinner, fast-food fried chicken (rice, soup, cabbage, radish) and beer (free water), 1200 JPY.

Nagano-Tokyo 8

Back at the hotel, it was time for laundry, 200 JPY washing machine, 100 JPY dryer, 100 JPY detergent. After showering, it was time for planning in a claustrophobic room, 150 JPY Coca-Cola.

Nagano-Tokyo 9

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