Markets and end of year

Markets and end of year 1

After my morning practice, I head to Brixton Market on foot. There you really understand why this area is primarily Caribbean. From there, I head to Camden Market by subway. I use the umbrella for the first time. This area has some relaxed hippie reputation, plenty of stalls and shops, second-hand goods, canals, street food. I took a Thai noodle mix with drinks for £ 5, a couple of souvenirs for £ 1. I got wet while walking to Albany Street for a pint at Cape of good hope £ 3.4.

Markets and end of year 2

I had time to call back home to Slovenia before party starts. By underground I reach Brixton. I stop at the store, £ 11 and walk home. I turn into dry cones for fun. We need 2 buses to the party place, and we carry a drink in the bags. The party was international (2x English, 3x Slovenians, German and 2x Greek). As long as dinner is brewed with drinks and delicious appetizers, we sit in the living room. The main dish was chicken with potatoes and vegetables. After eating we go back to the day and have fun playing board games.

Markets and end of year 3

I won the imitation of Jackson on the play station. I took the mission seriously and almost lost my pants. At midnight, they look out for the fireworks and saw the fox. In the morning by taxi home £ 18. In peace, I drink one more beer and it was time to sleep.

Markets and end of year 4

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