Lost & found at Vienna airport

I am going to explain my experience with Lost & found at Vienna airport. In short, they don’t provide the best service. I went on a trip to Andalusia and had a flight from Vienna early in the morning on 21st December. We arrived four hours prior to boarding and had to spend the night somehow, We tried to sleep in different corners but without too much success. Finally, when it came to boarding we rushed a bit and the sleeping bag was left behind. I realized it was missing on the bus to the airplane, a little too late.

Lost & found at Vienna airport 1

Later retrieving this sleeping bag was quite a challenge. In Valencia I found one page and wrote to them, a few days later I realized I was on the wrong page. When I was on the correct page they had confusing information. Somehow I managed to fill the form and the next day I got a reply that they found my sleeping bag. I agreed to pick it up on my return on 27th December.

We landed at 13:10 and I went to the Lost & found office. It was some walking to the Terminal one, arrival. But the office was open just from 9:00 to 13:00 because of some budget cuts and I was late for half an hour. I moved to Vienna and later to the Czech Republic. I had in mind to pick it up on return to Slovenia. But again it is closed during the weekend and holidays.

At home, I wanted to order delivery. They sent me some confusing information. And I contacted delivering company. They referred me back to the airport where I had to pay their expenses. It was 9 € for manipulation and storage. Then again back to the delivery company. I had to pay 35 €. First, they sent proforma for 65 € for some express delivery and I said I rather buy a new sleeping bag. After paying them as well via Paypal. And again it was the holidays and a weekend. When I checked where the parcel is, I found it in Linz. At last, I received my sleeping bag on 12th January after 23 days, delivered by DPD.

Sleeping bag Lightec 550 by Ferrino was back in my hands. For that, I needed 23 das and had to pay 44 €. Probably you think it was not worth it. But this sleeping bag I have had since my 2007 trip to Mexico and it has sentimental value to me. It is not warm, up to +10 C can be sufficient. In Iceland during summer wasn’t enough. Still, it is OK from spring till autumn in a moderate climate. Also, buying a new one would be 50 € extra. In the future, I will try to take better care of it. As for Vienna airport, I was a bit disappointed by their service.

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