Inn Šestica (Six) since 1776

Šestica (Six) is an inn with the longest tradition in Ljubljana. According to the testimony of Janez Vajkard Valvasor already in 1670, this place hosted wagoners on the way between Vienna and Trieste, but the beginning is considered to be the hiring of an innkeeper in 1776. For a sense of the time context, in that year there was a revolution in America. Figovec was also opened in the same year. The name 6 – six comes from the original address of the inn, which stood at house number 6. Since then, the city has changed and today it is at house number 40, but the name still remains. Today, up to 450 guests can be treated simultaneously in the front part, garden and part of the pizzeria..

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Of course, in such an inn, they take care of tradition. The building itself is a couple of centuries old. Waiters serve you in national costumes. And the menu consists of traditional Slovenian dishes. For soups, these are beef and mushroom soup. Of course, there is no shortage of sausages (roast, blood sausage, Kranska sausage), legs (beef or pork) and classic side dishes (buckwheat, cabbage, turnips, roasted potatoes, štruklji). There are also dishes to be eaten with spoon such as beef goulash and ješprenj. However, the menu also contains various cuts of meat (steaks, fillets, medallions – venison, beef and pork) and fish dishes (squid, sea bass, trout). You can end with a dessert (apple roll, Tivoli slice, gramada, gibanica).


Next to inn is the garden, there is a pizzeria with a bread oven. Of course, there is a wide selection of pizza toppings on offer. This is followed by pasta, risotto, lasagna and salads. Recently, in addition to Italian classics, a selection of burgers has been added to the offer.


Today I went there for lunch during work with Lojzet. He wanted something lighter, but since I had a long day ahead of me, I wanted to eat something more concrete. That’s how we decide on the Šestica inn. It is close to the offices of both, we met at Europa and in a few minutes we were already at the inn. As it was a nice day we sat outside in the garden, inside we should be struggling with PCT certificates. We both decided on the beef goulash with polenta. They served us fairly quickly. The goulash was tasty, the pieces of meat could have been smaller and one piece was quite fatty, but that gives the dish flavor. I added a couple of drops of hot sauce to spice up the taste. In the end, I was quite fed up and satisfied with my choice. A portion costs €9.50.

golaž - Šestica
golaž – Šestica

I choose this inn in two cases, if I want something local or Italian for lunch and if I want to introduce some of the local dishes to a visitor from abroad.

Daily lunch

goveja juha
goveja juha

My colleagues and I decided to have lunch. If you take a full lunch with soup, salad and dessert, the latter is €11, but without soup it is €1 less. I chose beef soup and for the main course roast beef with fried vegetables and potatoes. The soup could have been a little bit warmer. The main dish was delicious, the meat was medium done. It came with a small bowl of mixed salad and to finish, there was a delicious slice for dessert. It is definitely a delicious lunch with a price appropriate for the location and reputation.

Inn Šestica (Six) since 1776 1
roast beef

It is bad practice that they charge the water service, namely €0.10 for 0.10 L?!!!

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