Corona still persists

After the first wave, I was expecting a second wave, but still not so devastating. Over the winter, Slovenia had one of the worst results at the global level. Finally, the trend turned for the better. From the black phase, we climb into the red and hopefully next week we will be already into the orange. But unfortunately for me a little too late.

I should be back from Malta today. Otherwise, it would have been feasible and I could have spent an extended weekend there, but I didn’t think it was worth it. First, it would require a PCR test for a flight in each direction. Another problem would be transportation to Vienna. A return ticket would be € 100. Driving by myself with parking would be even more expensive. Last but not least, once I was there the experience would be bad. So I’d rather lose money for a ticket at a low-cost carrier than pay an extra four times its value for a bad vacation. Otherwise, I am a little sorry when I see pictures of various Slovenes from Zanzibar and Seychelles.


But I was abroad for the first time this year 2 weeks ago. I had to go to Pordenone in Northern Italy on business. Halfway there, I picked up a colleague and partner in Nova Gorica. I carried 3 documents with me (a statement about my trip, an invitation from the Italian partner, and completed travel order). On the way there, we miss an exit and extend the drive by 20 minutes. After a couple of hours of meetings in a combination of English and Italian, it was time to return. We all wear masks at the gas station except for one person at the ATM. When people joined me in the car also masks were on all the time. Meetings were not without masks either. The inns were still closed, so I was without food all day and in Ljubljana, on my return, I ate chocolate from the vending machines. I walked home across the center. Crowded as it was before the pandemic, the vast majority of people did not wear a mask, although it was not possible to maintain distance almost all the time.

I hope that the positive trend will continue and that next week when I go to Italy again, I will eat something in the inn. Also, sailing at the end of May should be the first break this year without complications.

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