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dvorec Zemono - travnik

castle Zemono – meadow

Gourmet – is a person with refined palates, who understands and enjoys haute cuisine (selected ingredients, complex preparation, sophisticated presentation of dishes) accompanied with quality wine. I like to try different dishes from Michelin restaurants, local / traditional delicacies to street food. Here are records of my food experiences at various venues.

Hot grill - ćevapi 2

Hot Grill in Ljubljana

On foot again to physiotherapy and again looking for somewhere to eat on the way. This time I decided on the Hot Grill (9h-22h, tel: 030 325 672) fast food along Vilharjeva cesta. A...

fari's 0

Fari’s in Ljubljana

Fari’s was option after I had to stay in center after work. I grabed a simple meal close to office (Miklošičeva 34; opened 10am till midnight; weekends noon to midnight). Nice ineterior with few...

maister pub 0

Pub Maister

On the way to physiotherapy, I stoped for lunch at the Maister pub on Železna Street in Zupančičeva Jama. This is part of the story of the Maister brewery from Kamnik. I arrived around...

Que Pasa Cantina in Ljubljana 3 0

Que Pasa Cantina in Ljubljana

Que Pasa Cantina is mexican street food restaurant, close to main bus/train station (Trg Osvobodilne fronte 13, +38651660066, open at 10h, until 22f, Friday/Saturday until 24h, on Sundays opens at 11h). From outside doesn’t...

Food Court BTC

Kulinarični park BTC – food court

A food court was set up in BTC, where six street food vendors were set and the square was named the Kulinarični park. This placew offers a variety of choices and if you went...

hood burger

Hood Burger in Ljubljana

Hood Burger are two guys who first brought the concept of gourmet burgers to Slovenia in 2012. Since then, in addition to the first location at Interspar in Vič, they have added 3 more,...

Orient express restaurant 4

Orient express restaurant

I changed job, now I work at Slovenian railways so logical option for lunch is inhouse canteen Orient express. First say way chaotic and I didn’t go to lunch. Next day I went downstairs...

Mala terasa - kosilo

Mala terasa – restaurant

I met Lojzet for lunch at the restaurant Mala terasa, located at Ajdovščina 1. Here they offer a variety of sandwiches (chicken, roast beef, salmon, cheese, and veggie), and dishes with rice have the...

City hotel restaurant 5

City hotel restaurant

It was time to meet with Lojze for a lunch. This time we went to the City hotel restaurant. I bit longer walk in rain and I had to wait for him. Interior is...

La Creperie Cheri

La Creperie Cheri

La Creperie Cheri is the place where you can get the biggest pancakes in Ljubljana. I came here twice in vain because they were closed. Once because of Covid, the second time because of...