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dvorec Zemono - travnik

castle Zemono – meadow

Gourmet – is a person with refined palates, who understands and enjoys haute cuisine (selected ingredients, complex preparation, sophisticated presentation of dishes) accompanied with quality wine. I like to try different dishes from Michelin restaurants, local / traditional delicacies to street food. Here are records of my food experiences at various venues.

Foculus pizzeria Ljubljana 1

Foculus pizzeria Ljubljana

After work we went for a beer for Andrej’s birthday. Now I was hungry and it was time for pizza in place once was top in Ljubljana, Foculus. I sat down inside, empty place...

Osmica, pizzeria in Ljubljana 2

Osmica, pizzeria in Ljubljana

Another lunch break at Osmica, short walk from office in postrain streets. I ordered proscutto big 33 cm pizza and cedevita for drink. Pizza arrived soon. Dough is old pre-napolitan style, dry crust, soggy center....

žlikrof - hiša lenart

Hiša Linhart by chef Uroš Štefelin

It was time for another fine dining with Gregor, Teja, Simon and Julie, this time it was Hiša Linhart. I got to center with taxi, 6 €. Soon arrived Simon and Julie and picked...

Oliver kalamari

Guliver inn Ljubljana

From meeting in Zalog Primož drove me to Vilharjeva. Because of some works undepass was closed. So I moved to next one. I was hungry and on my way there was Guliver inn. I...

Moji štruklji restaurant 3

Moji štruklji restaurant

After lectures and before Wine path I stopped at Moji štruklji for lunch. I tried before Parma pizzeria but it was overcrowded. Iordered Menu III (beef soup, beef roulade with potatoes, mixed salad and...

Niam Niam – chinese restaurant

Niam Niam – chinese restaurant

For Lunch I picked chinese reataurant Niam niam on Nazor street. It is street food venue, just a a hole in the wall, oe table with two chairs outside and one chair at counter...

Simiti sarayi - bakery cafe

Simiti sarayi – bakery cafe

I looked for a quick lunch and find near by spot, Simit saray (part of chain). In general it is bakery but also cafe and you can get full meal. It is 5 minutes...

Tiflis restaurant


After work I met with ex.coworkers for a beer at Kofi Galerija and later stayed for a drink with Luka (20 €). I got hungry and decided to try new Georgian restaurant Tiflis, as...

Krpan restaurant Ljubljana

Krpan restaurant Ljubljana

Again waiting for the eye doctor and went for lunch. Not many things are close by. This time I went to Krpan restaurant. This was a traditional restaurant from opening in 1946 until in...

Zoki restaurant Ljubljana 4

Zoki restaurant Ljubljana

After picking up tickets I had time before game. I was hungry and walked to WTC and Zoki, balkan grill restaurant with tradition. I was hungry but still ordered too much. 10 leskovački ćevapi...