Brkovi in Cvetličarna

Brkovi had 20th annevarsairy in Cvetlicarna. This bend combine punkrock with balkan folk music. They reminded me of Nervozni poštar, from 80’s. Maybe Vatrogasci with their parodies in Al Wird Jankovich maner can be seen as similar.

Brkovi in Cvetličarna 1

After work I went for meal in Taqueria Unomas and for a beer to Picaboj, slovenians won a gold medal in ski jumps. Soon it was time to leave for Cvetličarna, rain, taxi 7 €. Ticket was 26 €, bought last day online.

Brkovi in Cvetličarna 2

I think this is first visit to Cvetličarna after COVID. Around 1000 people gathered, versatile crowd. Joined Ivan and Tomaž, volleyball guys, small beer 3.5 €. Dunja stopped by.

The bend showed on stage in outfit around 21:30. Powerful music, interesting lyrics, good communication with fans. After encore concert finished, 2h.

Tomaž drove me to Metrlkova. It was very crowded, because Ment festival, ticket were sold out. I checked Jala Jala and Tiffany (7.5 €) before going home, taxi 8 €.

Brkovi in Cvetličarna 3

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